Monday, 22 February 2010

Happy Birthday D.I.E

Tonight will mark the 1 year "birthday" of my Leeds clubnight, D.I.E
The year has been excellent for D.I.E and tonight is looking to be a big night full of fun, dirty dancing, sweet beats, cakes, drinks and partytime in true celebration and style!

D.I.E has mounted up a fair few designs for promo in the past year. I decided to follow an illustrative path for each of the designs - to add my individual style to my individual musical mix. 
Although, for the most recent D.I.E design, I decided to break away from the typical D.I.E style by creating a part illustrated, part collaged piece. The final A2/A6 printed versions of this looked really nice. 
However, I don't believe I'll be able to top the original D.I.E design...continueously seeing the original D.I.E face posted around all the shops, down alleys, stapled to trees, taped to lamposts and stamped all over Leeds is why it'll always remain my favourite!


Oh and here's a little extra!...I completely forgot about this badboy. Just dug it out of a pile of old illustrations. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to us!

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