Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Around The World In 80 Days

Recently, I was handed a "Travelling Moleskine book". In this project, a number of Moleskine sketch books have been unleashed to the world by the team-up of The Culture Vulture & The Big Draw.

These books will be 'travelling around the world for 80 days' and once returned will be displayed at a big arts party/exhibition to raise money for 'The Campaign For Drawing'.

Each of the books have been set a different theme - with this theme, individuals can interpret it in anyway they choose to and express creative ideas through drawing, sketching, stitching, etching, composing poetry etc.

The theme my Moleskine carried was "
Super Hero/Powers".
I had a number of different ideas for the illustration of my super-powered-up character. Eventually, I decided to create a Super-being with the power of The Poison Pipes!... as opposed to the more obvious and relevant choice of Michael Palin. Mr Palin has many a power under his belt but would never be able match up to The Wrath Of The Poison Pipes!

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