Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Marshmallow Brain

Ah! It's been such a while since posting. Mainly because most of my time has been directed at finishing my upcoming book "I'M HAPPY WITH MY MARSHMALLOW" which should have a place on the digital shelves of my store within the next two weeks!

Alongside the completion of my new book, a blog I find myself constantly clocking at the moment is . 
If you haven't come across this blog before it's definitely worth a good look through. Usually it hits a post every couple of days - involving some absolutely golden, creative treats from across the world. #Photography #Illustration #Animation #Fashion #Music #Design THE LOT! Plus, you can win stuff! Holler freebies.

I was lucky enough to spend the end of 2010 in the Swatch Playground spotlight with a nicely composed feature on Thomas Key Illustration.

More info on upcoming 2011 work coming soon!

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