Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Velvet Mask

-- A Quick Update & '10 Round Up (sort of..) Post --

Firstly, I wish a Happy Christmas to all, wherever you may be!
Secondly, as 2010 is getting ready to clock out, I would like to say thank you to all the support and hype I've received this year. I appreciate all the cosmic comments people have directed towards me. It's the sort of thing that has boosted my confidence and has filled me with pure desire to work harder, get more done, be more creative, try new things and hopefully put me in a better position this time next year! Boss.

Finally, as part of the "try new things" pact I've made with myself, I've decided to dabble and experiment with music production - Veins (only as sort of a side project of small proportion - giving me something else to do and hopefully providing inspiration for my illustration work!). The other half of Veins is my brother, Ed aka , he's been involved with music since a right young age and knows his electronics.
Experimental. Electronic. Analogue. Dreams. Darkness. Atmospheric. Ambient. Expression.
(sounds we are fuelled by and hope to incorporate within the music)

The Velvet Mask is available for download on soundcloud

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